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Gambling goes meta

From ancient dice games made of pig’s knuckles to modern poker strategies crafted by Artificial Intelligence, the history of gambling is one of near-constant evolution and renewal. And, if you think the world of wagering has already reached its zenith, then hold onto your NFT (Non-fungible token) hats, because gambling is about to go meta.

Online gambling by the numbers

Given online gambling’s track record, it should come as no surprise that Metaverse gambling is about to make its virtual debut. The numbers are truly astounding. According to studies, the global market for online gambling surpassed $74 billion USD by the end of 2021. With a projected growth rate of 11.4%, that market is expected to grow to roughly $158.2 billion USD by about 2027. Will the added layers of interactivity offered by the Metaverse propel those numbers even higher? Our best bet is on yes—especially as the technology evolves and improves.

All that said, there are hurdles to taking part in the virtual world—namely, the tech required. To make the leap you’re going to need a high-speed internet connection and may have to shell out a few dollars on an upgraded PC, depending on what sort of system you’re currently running. Oh, you’ll also need a Virtual Reality headset.

The new Wild West, in more ways than one

So, what will all of this mean for gambling and gaming enthusiasts? Essentially, an entire world of gambling possibilities is about to open. The only real limit will be the imagination of the developers involved.

Players will be able to use their imaginations too, by creating unique avatars that can meet and play in immersive digital environments. Feel like playing craps in a virtual recreation of James Bond-era Monte Carlo? Right this way, monsieur. Looking to pull up a chair at the 1880s-era Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona? Howdy. Want to deal into a game on the Starship Enterprise? Beam me up! In the Metaverse, there’s no need to limit ourselves to the rules of time and space as we know them in the real world. Who knows, maybe the games themselves will change. Shooting craps dice out of a virtual cannon, anyone?

Virtual gambling, real-life rules

Which brings us to a key point: It’s easy to get caught up in the moment when you lose awareness of time and place. One thing a virtual casino will share with a real casino is that they’re both designed to capture and hold your attention. This means it will still be important to set a play budget. Factor in the possibility of volatile Cryptocurrency wagers in the virtual space, and it becomes even more vital. The Metaverse is a whole new space to get lost in, so check out these tips to help keep your feet on the ground.

As we head toward the future, there’s little doubt the Metaverse will change how we gamble online. But whether you’re rolling craps in a glitzy virtual casino or playing poker in a dusty digital saloon, keep your play fun, and the virtual world’s your oyster. See you ‘round the Metaverse!

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