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Play on Demand
Play on Demand

Play on Demand Etiquette

Charitable Bingo & Gaming Centres can become very busy, bustling with excitement and great entertainment. With so many games going on at the same time, here are some things to consider:

Ask for advice

A speech bubble hovers over a woman. Inside is a happy face.

If it’s your first time using the eBingo player device and you’re not sure how to start, ask a Customer Service Representative to assist you.

Saving a seat or player device

An empty chair

If you have a favourite seat or eBingo player device, be sure to arrive early. If you’re finished playing, be sure to give up your seat for players who are waiting to get in on the action. Need a break? Don’t fret. Length of play does not impact the odds of winning.

Be considerate with the volume

eBingo player devices add to the noise of the room. If you decide to play during a Bingo session, make sure to not disrupt the players around you who are listening to the Caller. Adjust the volume on your machine as required.


To turn the sound on or off on a POD Game: From the main eBingo screen select the [Options] button and click the [Sound] button.